Where it all began

Meg Hardy

Posted on October 1, 2020

The idea for toolsoup began in 2018 when founder, Willie MacLean found himself continually exasperated by poor customer service and lack of transparency when trying to arrange home services.

From searching for a plumber who could fit in time do the job, to trusting the price quoted was actually fair.  He experienced home professionals being late or not turning up at all – even after he had confirmation that everything was on track.

He spent hours trying to get a bouncy castle for his child’s party.  More hours looking for a suitable guitar tutor.  And finally gave up trying to get someone who could fit bookcases without charging a fortune.

His daughter tried to get her car fixed but was left feeling ripped off.  His elderly relatives paid £2,000 upfront to a gardener – only for the job not to be done anywhere near what was agreed. Getting money back or complaining was pointless and stressful.  The stories went on and on.

He searched for a website where he could find home services easily and book online with upfront transparent pricing, proper customer service, where secure payments could be made – not just an introductory service.

Given there was nothing out there that Willie could use, he drew up on paper what he wanted such a digital platform service to provide.

He hooked up with an app developer in Edinburgh who helped bring his ideas to life.  They developed the app that would solve numerous problems for both customers and professionals too. A perfect marketplace where all sides gain significant wins!

And there and then toolsoup was born. 

The app would allow you to put five or six things in the cart (totally unrelated) in one transaction.  How simple – and what a saver.  Hence the name toolsoup – tool was fairly obvious, and soup reflected the variety and different kinds of home services (or tools) the app would easily provide.

Willie was the CEO of a facilities management company that employed hundreds of professionals (Plumbers, Gas Engineers, Electricians, Joiner, Cleaners, et al).  There, he found that excellent professionals just want to do a great job using the skills and inner pride they have.

So, the digital platform would solve problems that stopped professionals from going self-employed.  From finding new customers to marketing, admin and payments, or deal with the problems existing self-employed professionals have.

Willie worked through mountains of research and found that customers who use this platform to arrange home services could save up to a year of their lives – just think, a year of your life back – what an amazing thing to give people.

And professionals using the platform would save loads of time too, resulting in at least a 30% increase on their current earnings. Oh, and they get to work for themselves, doing what they love. Completely life-changing.

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