Blocked toilet repair

A blocked toilet can be a common problem in any home and sometimes not the easiest thing to repair yourself.  We all know that prevention is better than cure, so once you’ve found a solution to your problem, try and not let it happen again. Here are some of the most common causes of toilet blocks:

Baby wipes/face wipes

It’s well known in the plumbing world that one of the main blocked toilet culprits are facial tissues and baby wipes. You may think throwing it down the toilet isn’t a big deal — but it is! This is especially true if you’re using the 2- or 3-ply tissues on the market today. If you have no other choice but to dispose of them in your toilet, it’s best to use single-ply tissues instead of thicker ones. But overall, it’s best to avoid throwing these in your toilet in the first place!

Personal hygiene products

You may think flushing nappies and tampons down the toilet is okay. Believe us, it’s not! These are second in the common blocked toilet repair list. Other personal hygiene products that should stay away from your toilet include condoms, wet wipes, dental floss, and sanitary pads. Don’t believe everything you read on the label. Even if it says “flushable”, do NOT take the risk.

Other objects

Aside from your kid’s toy car, there are other foreign objects that can get stuck in your toilet. Do you know those deodorisers made to be hung inside the bowl of your toilet? If these fall and get flushed, you’ll need a professional plumber to repair the system and get them out.

You will definitely need to be careful with your plumbing system and what you flush, in order to save you from repair expenses and to prevent future headaches.  However, we have professionals on hand if you need help with your blocked toilet repair.

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