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About us

toolsoup connects home owners and trusted professionals for anything on your to-do list. Life just got easier!

Our Story

In 2018, founder Willie Maclean started toolsoup after endless bad experiences when booking professional services.  In a world where everything is digital, why was there nowhere online where he could easily find local professionals, get an upfront price, schedule the work and pay, all in one place? 

That’s why we’ve created toolsoup, to make life easier for everyone.  No more endless hours researching online or calling around professionals, waiting for quotes, and sometimes still not getting the job done.  Customers can find and book our trusted toolsoup professionals online and they’ll come at a time that fits their schedule. We guarantee the work and the cost and provide a secure platform for payment.

We want to help self-employed professionals grow their business, whether starting out or simply looking to reach more customers.  We’ve done the research to provide an upfront price and we take care of all the admin, so professionals can spend more time doing what they love.

So if you’re a homeowner, busy parent, dog mum, or just a regular busy person; and need a plumber, guitar teacher, dog groomer or anything at all (we cover 128 professions!), toolsoup has everything you need. 

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toolsoup – Life just got easier!


Our Vision

…is a world where people can choose any service to be done in their own home, which is their safest and most comfortable environment, in an easy and fair way. So people have less anxiety, more money and more time, leading to a life with more choice.


Our Advantage

We see the future, have the skills to build great features and have the flexibility to scale fast with a product no-one else has.


Our Uniqueness

We provide the broadest range of home services, end to end all via the app. We don't do quoting. Oh, and we guarantee the job.


Our Mission

…is to contribute to our vision by continuing to reinvent how people get any service at home. By using technology and the most efficient and effective processes, so everyone is dealt with respectably, consistently and with fairness. Ensuring toolsoup becomes a welcome and everyday part of our users lives.

7 Questions We Ask Ourselves

To succeed in our mission, we continually ask ourselves 7 questions which help to keep us on the right path as a company and as a team. This gives our users, partners and both current and future staff a set of values to hold us by. They also act as a guide when we have doubts on any issue, or we think toolsoup (or its users) are being compromised.

  1. Are we being fair?
  2. Am I walking a mile in their shoes?
  3. Am I being heard?
  4. Am I being who I want to be?
  5. Are we being bold enough?
  6. Are we giving time back to our users?
  7. Am I doing the right thing?

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